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Live Art

BE THE SUBJECT / BE THE ARTIST – Steal the Spotlight

For a small fee, you can step into the spotlight while artists gather and with mediums of their choice create a variety of styles and perspectives. At the end of the session, you choose your favorite creation to keep, and the artist shares the fee with the cafe. It's not just a fun time for all, it’s win-win for all!



Let the art move you

to discover your own creativity

PAINT NITE - Let the brush strokes lead you!

Round up your group of curious creatives, and we'll handle the rest. With lots of laughs, a splash of coffee or wine and we’re all set for a mid-week party of painting. Choose a favorite theme while making the plans, and let the rest happen. It's not just a Paint Nite, it's a blend of friends, paints, treats and relaxing fun.


LIFE DRAWING - Unleash the Muse

While our original Life Drawing theme and the once-legendary Life Drawing Nite @ the Café events are taking a brief intermission, the walls still adorn memories of our main theme. We’re eagerly waiting for the right time to reintroduce this favoured event with short gestures to epic poses.  


WORKSHOPS - Craft Your Artistic Adventure!

Our eclectic art classes – silk scarf painting, mask making, jewelry crafting, and even essential oil kit making, are ready for a comeback. Have an artistic escapade you're eager to share? Drop us a line, and let's set up an art workshop. We can't wait to explore more creative events.

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