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Live Art

The original theme of the café and once famous Life Drawing Nite @ the Café event is temporarily on hold.


We are waiting for the perfect time to re-introduce this special event to the community. Here hired models pose for artists to draw or paint from short gestures to longer poses.


Life Drawing

Be the Subject / Be the Artist...

The perfect live art event for everyone: Be the Subject/Be the Artist event is also waiting to get started again. Here for a nominal fee, anyone can be the subject while artists gather to draw. At the end of the session, the subject chooses their favourite drawing to take home and the artist splits the fee with the cafe. It’s win-win fun for everyone!

Paint Nite

The first couple trial Paint Nites went so well, we can't wait to keep doing them! Gather a small group of like-minded curious artists who would enjoy an evening of painting and socializing and we'll do the rest. We can work on a favourite theme together.


Other workshops like silk scarf painting, mask making, jewelry making or essential oil kit making will also be back when the time is right. If you have an artistic experience you would like to share with a group, contact the café to discuss putting together a workshop. We look forward to safely getting back to these events.

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