Cafe Menu


The café menu has transitioned smoothly to be takeout only. Small, healthy & wholesome food items are perfect for taking home, back to work or to the beach. Porch and patio seating are available.

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Specialty espresso drinks: americano, cappuccino, latte, dirty chai, mocha, flat white, cortado

Steamers: chocolate, Nutella, dulce de leche

Teas: regular, herbal, premium blends, matcha, tea lattes


Grilled veg on naan, deli on grainy bread, all-day breakfast frittata on bagel, crockpot specials: gourmet mac & cheese, chorizo pesto pasta, pulled pork, soup

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Homemade protein bars, apricot/ginger oat bars, tahini brownies, protein smoothies, energy slushies

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Muffins, cookies, variety of dessert squares


Red/white wine, craft/domestic/import beers, liqueurs

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